Our customers have spoken:

Already when we started rozbiehať our online business on the internet, we knew that without the ads it neposunieme next. And although today is to offer advertising agencies great, we were looking for something exceptional and individual approach. Because today the market situation changes quickly and develops, the more we need a more flexible partner in online marketing, who are able to respond quickly to market needs and adapt them for our e-shop. With the agency Kukuza Agency we cooperate from the very beginning. After the initial period of a normal call and e-mail communication, we were confident that for us the right partner in the business. We really appreciate their professionalism, flexibility and helpful advice. Tlieskame... Despite many other offers, we have remained true to the Kukuza Agency, and still the us confirms this as the right move! And with Simonou, Susan and other colleagues we envisage also for our other projects!
Cooperation after a year of working I consider to be the benefits for our business and thanks to this we are qualitatively in the communication context pushed a few steps further. They help us in managing marketing communication, the planning and preparation of Google campaigns and organizing content of social networks. Professional approach, creativity, active communication and the re-evaluation. KUKUZA is the right partner.
I can say that with Kukuza I am completely satisfied and I am glad to have such partners in business. In addition, I can't imagine any of my other business without online support from Kukuza.
KUKUZA us regularly helps with the ads in the Google display network with the aim of increasing enquiries and sales. With their style of work and the form of communication we are satisfied. We can only recommend.
With the company KUKUZA we are very happy because their team is coordinated and everyone knows how it has to work, and in particular understands what it is for us to also benefit a great help. Great satisfaction and would recommend their services.
In my business, I got into an unknown field of online marketing, where I am thanks to Kukuze gained support and new insights, which I moved forward. Kukuza you just kick and you go for your dream!
On Kukuze I like her a great professional team. Flexibility, willingness to help any time, the reliability of the. Regular reporting and evaluation of results. The planned strategy.

KUKUZA helped us mainly with the starting Instagramu, what was for us unknown area for possibility of business. And thanks to this, we added new followers and customers.
Girls from Kukuzy help us with the promotion of our services, give us inspiration for the creation of advertising materials as well as posts on Facebook. With this cooperation I am very satisfied.
With the services I am very satisfied, together we found a solution that suits me and brings positive results. The feature I appreciate the quick and pleasant communication, zorganizovanosť and creativity. Kukuza helps us mainly with the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. Working with them I can only recommend.
KUKUZA has helped me to run the e-shop and navigate in the world of online marketing and social networking. Without these smart women would, I certainly couldn't, and only thanks to them I knew I had to start up the business even in these bad times. I highly them recommend to everyone who starts a business, or wants to move forward. Certainly neoľutujete.